First 100 Dollar Earning Online

Just about the time this blog got its first PR rating (PR1) and my other first ever ‘business’-site got PR2 (after 3 months), I also got to see my first ever 100 dollars earned online. The earnings were mostly due to my ‘business’-site which was optimized according to seo practices I’ve learned so far. This 100 dollars by the way was earned over a period of 3 months. That means my ‘business’ site is roughly just earning a measly 33 dollars a month. To most of you, this figure is really a pathetic excuse for an online earning. To me however, this is cause for excitement as I am at the moment being overwhelmed by ‘first’ experiences:

  • first PR ratings
  • first 100 dollar online earnings
  • and that ‘business’ site is my first venture into adsense that really gets a click or two almost daily.

Earned: $104.70

And below is my commission earnings at Amazon.


Earned: $103.15

You see, the site (not this blog) is not purely ‘built for adsense’ because aside from having real informational content of value, I have also inserted my affiliate links from amazon. A lot of adsense purists say that there should be as few links as possible in the page so that the hungry click-happy reader has no choice but to click on the adsense links. I may have violated that ‘rule’ by adding amazon links and a few more sentences describing the pros and cons of each linked ‘product’. And I don’t know how much that violation cost me in terms of possible additional adsense earnings. But what the heck, the important thing for now is that both adsense and amazon is giving me hope that I can, after all, earn some money online. Maybe I’d proceed to follow their other advise – ‘rinse and repeat’. Then maybe I’d see better earnings coming in.

Hmmmn… I once saw some blogger’s tagline that goes along the lines of ‘follow me as I become an SEO master’ (or something to that effect). Maybe I’d have my tagline as ‘follow me as I learn to earn online’.