Getting My EON Card and My Paypal Verification

Getting my EON card

I just went to the nearest Unionbank and applied for an EON Card. The requirements for eon card application are just 2 valid IDs. Thus I photocopied my Civil Engineering Licence ID and my Driver’s ID and attached it to the application form. On handing the papers back to the unionbank employee, I asked her how long it would take to have my EON card processed. She said getting my EON card would take around 2 weeks and that I need to just call every now and then to check if it is ready for pickup.

About 9 days later, my wife called Unionbank to check on my EON card. It’s ready for pickup! Wow, in less than 2 weeks, I got my card in my hand! After paying the EON card fee to the teller and depositing a few bucks (only the card fee is required, the deposit is in preparation for my Paypal verification), I was handed my card. I literally kissed the card on its lips when I got ahold of it the first time. Lips? Ok, ok, I took a second look and I discovered it’s actually an eye (that background picture over which the card numbers are written). Anyway, thing is, I never thought getting my EON card could make me this ecstatic.

I proudly waved my hot new EON card to everyone back at the office. I think everyone felt happy for me except for one young lady who reacted with angry fumes spurting out her nose and ears. Turns out she had applied for an EON card a month and a half ago and couldn’t get it even up to now. Frequent calls and visits proved ‘no joy’ as the Unionbank employee told her it probably is still being processed. One even told her that she has “no choice but to wait”. As to how getting my EON card was a breeze while hers was a storm, I have no clue. She is now researching for other banks that could provide her with a surefire paypal verification solution.

The Paypal Verification

So, the next thing I did was to enroll for a Unionbank’s online account so that I could access information about my EON, card such as remaining balance and transactions made, online. Afterwards, I accessed my paypal account and started the paypal verification process. Paypal responded with an email telling me to access my EON card online account to check out the 4-digit paypal code after 3 to 5 days. I am supposed to enter this 4-digit paypal code later to be finally verified.

The online EON account is supposed to take effect after 24 hours, but even after the 5th day, I still couldn’t access my account. It keeps telling me to ‘enter a valid user ID or number’, or something. I gave it another couple of days. Still the same thing happened. So I emailed unionbank support about my problem. I emailed them 5 times in a span of three weeks. All I got are auto-responses and some neutral and inconclusive replies from their support staff. Finally I called them up by phone. Again, it took 2 phone calls to finally get some proper answer to my problem. Turns out that the only problem is that my username is a bit too long (about 20 letters), and that 4-digit paypal code is actually just the expuse number. Actually I knew about the expuse number but Paypal’s email said about a “4-digit paypal code for the charge” they made to my account. The charge was that $1.95 temporary withdrawal they made from my account. So I thought Paypal must have upgraded from expuse number to this 4-digit paypal charge code. Silly me.

Paypal Code for Verifying EON Card

paypal verification for eon card

Once you have enrolled with an EON online account, (after 2 days) you can access it. You’ll find your expuse number or code like the one shown above. That’s the number you input for your verfication with paypal.

Thus, the planned birth of my very first website/blog was postponed by about a month because I needed the card and paypal verification to purchase my domain name and webhosting.

And everything ran smoothly ever after.