Link Building Strategies: A Few Myths I’ve Personally Found False

I’ve read a lot of ‘rules’ being preached by a lot of SEO gurus out there who, by their eloquent posturings and discussions, imply that they are experts and know all the tricks of the SEO world. In the same token, I’ve also browsed through several sites that debunk these ‘rules’ that suspiciously restrict the unwitting seo beginners’ attempts at getting their sites on the first pages of google. Still far from becoming the seo expert I dream of becoming, I’m still gathering all that I could gather and learn about this game. In the process of learning I’ve found some nuggets here and there and have used them to my advantage. My confidence also got boosted in some way as I personally proved some restricting ‘rules’ to be false or are not working anymore. You’ve probably read about these debunked myths in a lot of other places. I’m nevertheless putting it out here, not so much as to inform others but to serve more as my personal record of the progress I’ve made in seo. As I learn more, I’d be adding more to this particular post.

  • Back Links from low PR pages are useless. I have placed backlinks on interior pages of several backlink sources. They all contributed to the rise of my project sites in the Google serps. I however speak of interior pages of sites whose main page have considerable PR. I believe that the higher the PR of the main page of a site, the more frequent google spiders the whole site. This means, the interior pages (with n/a or 0 PR) gets spidered by google more often. Thus, your backlinks definitely are going to get noticed by google far more quickly.
  • Vary the Anchor Text in backlinks. False. I have some sites whose backlinks consisted of only 1 anchor text, the target key phrase. It works just the same. The only thing I got worried about was the Google dance which didn’t really last long anyway. The oldest sites I made went through the phases of varying anchor text. However, as the number of sites I maintained increased a bit, I forgot to vary the anchor text of some sites. Result? They still went where I want them to go in the serp. Now, I don’t vary my anchor text anymore. Instead I laser target my backlinks using only a specific anchor text.
  • Get backlinks from sites of similar themes. I’ve done backlink work in places that have nothing to do with the keyphrases I’m working on. Again, google doesn’t seem to mind at all. Well, perhaps if we put up 2 sites and maintain parallel rates of backlinking, one sticking to sites of same theme/subject matter while the other ramps everywhere, we’ll see which ones goes up in the serps first. For the moment, I’m content to know that backlinking on sites with non-similar niches works just the same.
  • Limit the number of backlinks per day. Here’s another one of those suspicious rules. I got a feeling that this rule’s author must be doing just the opposite while telling everybody to lay low in their link building. I do however have a healthy respect for some ‘google policies’ about the rate of backlinking for sites which are just days old. Inasmuch as I cannot yet afford to have my new sites possible ‘sandboxed by google’, I, for the moment, limit my backlinking while my sites are still days old. After 3 weeks however, I backlink like hell. Someday, I’ll personally conduct an experiment that will intentionally go against this grain and see for myself what happens.

Presently, I’m doing my backlinking work myself personally. I am however beginning to entertain the possibility of outsourcing or hiring some SEO company to do this work. As the number of sites I put up increases, I found that my income also increases correspondingly. Hey, I’m not saying that I’m earning big. I’m just earning enough to feel motivated to proceed with this line of work. Soon, I’ll no longer be able to catch up with the necessary seo work. Soon, however, if I overcome my miserly ways, I’d be able to shell out some of what little money I earn to outsource link building work.

How about you? Have you some story of having personally proven some ‘seo rule’ to be false? As I am now taking an interest in outsourcing, do you outsource? Where or from which seo outfit do you buy links?