February’s First Post

Track Cell Phone

I’ve already written a post called ‘track cell phone‘. I’ve elaborated in it the ways one can locate cell phone or track lost cell phone numbers. I’ve even given a link to a world tracker site that track verizon cell phone… an online (sprint) cell phone tracker.

Adsense Section Targeting

Alright, the block of text above is an experiment to check the effectiveness of adsense targeting codes. I’ve long wandered how some sites are able to conjure the right adsense ads even in a page that contains a chaos of different topics. There’s even a page I saw that has only a title and nothing else below it except an adsense block that surprisingly drew ads that was centered according to the title’s context inspite of other printed text contained in the other elements of the page, e.g., in the sidebar, footer, etc.


<!-- google_ad_section_start -->
...Block of Text...
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I have enclosed the ‘track cell phone‘ title & paragraphs above in these adsense targeting codes. I’ve heard conflicting reports about the effectiveness of adsense targeting. One report also said that sometimes it takes google days or weeks to adjust its output after first encountering the targeting codes in a post. If the adsense codes I’ve written in this post works, then the adsense ads above should soon only show ads related to cell phone tracking.


This is my first post for February. Regarding my goal of writing more posts for this blog, I’ve so far managed to fulfill the promise I made last sometime ago in ‘Best of 2009‘ where I vowed to write at least 8 posts per month. From here, I hope to increase my monthly output of posts. Happy February, folks! Happy Valentines in advance!

Track Cell Phone

To track cell phone sometimes becomes necessary at some point in your life. I remember a few years ago when my father found it necessary to hire some sort of detective to monitor the activities of my younger brother. You know how fathers are. He thought my brother was into something fishy because his grades had dropped down in the last grading period. And of course you know how young teenagers are. When you are in high school, you tend to get tempted to go to the extremes of fun, sometimes to the extent of sacrificing classes and homework. My father had to hire some sort of detective to monitor my brother’s whereabouts for a month. Had the technology to track cell phone been readily available at that time, he wouldn’t have suffered that much stress because he’d be ‘in the know’ regarding his kid’s location any time. He’d know when to breath easy and he’d know when to dash and intervene.

To be able to track cell phone would also be a boon to suspicious wives and a bane to erring husbands. These days, the technology is available and readily accessible. In fact it has been used by our police and secret service force for a long time. James Bond had known how to track cell phone of his adversary even earlier 🙂 . The GPS device system is the key to all these. I guess all new cell phones, cars, motorbikes, laptops/notebooks, and other new electronic equipments today already have GPS systems inside (whether explicitly declared or not). But one can still track cell phone without a GPS device. The method used is called triangulation using the signals emitted by at least three transmission towers.

To experience yourself the technology to track cell phone, with or without GPS, try this free service here: cool tracker. Last time I checked, it’s still free.

Seriously, to track cell phone is a serious business which sometimes can get used in some rather extreme ways. Check out these videos so you’ll know what I mean.