USB Switch Box: Multi-tasking Aid

The only thing that comes close to the USB Switch Box in the past is the printer switch which we use when we need to share a printer between 2 neighboring computer stations. The USB switch box however can connect almost any computer peripheral. You can share a printer or scanner to 4 computers and can toggle the sequence through a switch.

The really cool application for these is when you use only 1 keyboard and 1 mouse to work on 2 cpu and monitor sets. If you have worked like this before (the low-tech way), you will remember the hassle of having to push your chair (thankfully, there are little wheels under the chair legs now) towards the second keyboard and mouse and then back to the first keyboard and mouse sets as you work on both computers. With the USB switch box, you can stay on your chair and use only 1 keyboard and 1 mouse to do the same. You just push the switch on top of the box to toggle between the 2 computers. And remember we’re only talking about a 2-port USB switch box. Using a 4-port unit would mean being able to work on 4 computers without leaving your seat! If you’re some kind of a one-man-team, then this is definitely for you, whether you work to make your boss richer, or you work for yourself.

Here are a few very affordable picks that are available right now at Amazon:

IOGear USB 2.0 Peripherals Sharing Switch GUB201

4 PC to 1 USB 2.0 Device ABCD Switch Box (Printer, Scanner, etc…)

Belkin F1U200 4-Port USB Auto Switchbox (4 PCs to 1 Device) (4 PCs to 1 Device)

If you want to see more, you can check them out here.