The Magnetic Pulser : Healing Through Electricity

I stumbled upon this technology a few months ago involving electricity, electromagnetism to be specific, and its effects on human health. The device resulting from this science is called the Magnetic Pulser.

This is again one of those ideas that initiate debates among believers and naysayers, including, they say, conspiracy theorists, precisely because at present, it still falls upon what is called fringe science. Fringe science – in the sense that it has yet to be ‘formally’ studied using ‘scientific methods’and ‘peer review’, etc., and has yet to be adopted into mainstream science.

Googling upon this subject brought about a lot information from various sources ranging from DIY methodologies to commercial products, some of which are affordable enough while others are outlandishly too expensive.

One of those sources that offer both Magnetic Pulsers for sale and DIYMagnetic Pulser Kits is Andrey D. of


Andre has purchased sometime ago a device that can measure actual output strength of magnetic pulsers, in Gauss or Tesla. The below descriptions and numbers may no longer be accurate. So, please check out his website at or his latest youtube video for the updated output.

If I’m not mistaken, he has been experimenting and continuously improving his magnetic pulsers for more than a decade and he has come to a point where I believe he has produced pulsers that, as far as I know, outdo most, if not all other pulsers in the market in terms of strength. This higher strength he aims for in accordance to Beck’s suggestion that pulsers are most effective if it has a strength of at least 2 Tesla. And his devices can even go as far as 6 Tesla, per his claims. The premise that higher strength equates to better efficacy remains to be proven or disproven though, and this task falls in the hands of opened minded experimenters.

He calls his pulsers BBMPulsers, short for “Bob Beck Magnetic Pulsers”. His newest models are called BBMPulser 4B, BBMPulser 4S, and BBMPulser 4D. The 4B model is open source, which means he has given out the circuit diagram and instructions for anyone to experiment on. You can read more from his website:

For an introduction to Magnet Therapy and what benefits the human body can get from it, visit this site, or read up on a related topic called PEMF.

Here is a video of a magnetic pulser in action. Interestingly, this could become an instrument we can hopefully use in the fight against viruses, the COVID 19 virus being one of them.

One of these days, I plan to explore this field and see for myself how this affects my health, for the better hopefully.