The Magnetic Pulser Kit

magnetic pulser

I have finally placed my order for a complete kit for a magnetic pulser from Andrey of

I have researched a lot about magnetic pulsers, and due to the exorbitant prices of the commercial units, I leaned towards the DIY path.

I have read through material from Chris Gupta, Ritalie, Steve (gskempe9), and a host of other DIYers. Only lately did I stumble on Andrey and found that of all the magnetic pulsers I’ve seen, his is so far the strongest. You can check his videos out in his channel here .

Actually, the kit I’ve ordered from Andrey outputs only about 4 Tesla , which is still way above and beyond that of all commercial pulsers which justify their low strength with glib sales talk and vague research studies.


A few months ago, Andre acquired a device that 
measures more accurately the output of his 
magnetic pulsers. And he found that he may have 
inadvertently overstated the magnitude in Tesla 
of his pulsers. 

Please read the actual values of his measurements 
in his website: or go to his
latest youtube videos: "Andre D".

This kit is his bbmpulser 4B and he has generously made this technology open source. You can check out the schematic here . If you are electronic-savvy, you can make your own. But if you just know how to at least solder, then the kit is the way to go.

Andrey has upgraded his magnetic pulsers and now can output 6 to over 8 Teslas! (Again, please see the update box above.)This is his latest unit, the BBMPulser 5S . The unit has a power level knob with which you can adjust the power output. Really one of a kind magnetic pulser.

The BBMPulser 5S

His motivation to find a way to output stronger pulses stems from Bob Beck himself who said that a strength of at least 2 Teslas is required to see a noticeable effect more quickly. And the stronger the output, the deeper into the body can the fields penetrate. Thus, the inner cells of the body gets ‘energized’ by the magnetic pulses as well. You can definitely not say the same for the currently available magnetic pulsers in the market today.

I’ll update this post as soon as the kit arrives.