Training Dragons

how to train your dragon

Me and my son again shared another wonderful movie called ‘How to Train your Dragon’ yesterday. It was one good movie that wouldn’t fail to make you feel good even hours afterwards. It would have been best if my wife and daughter could come with us but my daughter is not old enough yet to watch it in the movie theater.

Like a lot of movies about an underdog character rising to become a hero, the movie features Hiccup, a young Viking that unfortunately doesn’t possess any attribute of a Viking as he is thin, weak, and gangly. His father who happens to be the head of their tribe is one giant mammoth of a Viking, and is very disappointed at his son that he assigns him as a helper to a blacksmith.

What Hiccup lacks physically he more than made up however mentally as he is well endowed with thinking and creativity, all of which are not appreciated in the tribe as all that matters to them is to kill dragons.

I certainly recommend you watch this computer-animated movie or buy a dvd and watch it at home by yourself or with the whole family. You can however get the gist of the story by going to the Wikipedia entry about the movie, or a cinemablend review here.

My son, throughout the movie, keeps remarking that the dragon looks like a pokemon monster. He even made sounds like ‘pica pica picacho’. He says, had the night fury type dragon called Toothless that Hiccup befriended been yellow, he’d be picacho.

This is definitely another cool masterpiece of Dreamworks not only because the movie was good but also because it gave me and my son another one of those father-son bonding moments where we think and feel and react as one. I’m really cherishing these moments because he’s growing up really fast. Pretty soon, he’ll not be asking me to go to the movies with him anymore because he’ll be asking some other person…his girlfriend.

How to Train a Dragon


    1. Great graphics I agree. Me, I absolutely love these movies, whether I watch it alone or with my kids, although like I said above, it’s more fun to watch it with my kids. I even watched Winnie the Pooh’s movies, LOL. At home, I watch with my daughter her movie collection too, e.g.
      Barbie, Alladin, etc. 🙂

      Actually, I consider movies as stress busters. Thus I don’t watch just any movie. Horror movies are a no-no for me although I take exception for the likes of Underworld, and other similar vampire-lycan movies.

  1. Hi James
    Sounds like a great film, who enjoyed it most, your son or you? LOL

    My memories of shared films go back to some of the Disney classics…
    Snow White, Jungle book and if you want a good cry, try Bambi.

    Thanks for reminding me of the fun to be had watching films together.
    .-= Keith Davis´s latest blog ..Flying in formation =-.

  2. I agree that movies are definately stress busters, I prefer watching comedy and animated movies but then adventures movies are fun to watch when you’re feeling bored.

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