Transformers: Dark Of The Moon


Coming on 7.1.11, this movie, Transformers Dark of the Moon, is something me and my son will be waiting with bated breaths. Inspite of some negative feedback from those who deem themselves expert movie analysts and judges, I still insist that we went home feeling very much entertained and tingling after we watched the last Transformer movie. Judging from the trailer (although most trailers nowadays most often don’t deliver on their promises as they invoke higher expectations from those who watch them), I bet me and my son are going to have another helluva good movie experience with this.

Watching the trailer, I found it amusing that conspiracy theorists haven’t thought of this and wrote on their websites that some advanced extra-terrestrials have crash landed on the moon before and that Neil Armstrong and company had seen their remains and had kept mum about it. What? They have theories like this? Ok, but I think Steven Spielberg is still a lot more imaginative than they are.

“You cannot believe what we’re seeing.”

“We are not alone after all, are we?”

“Yes sir, we are not alone.”

But what’s with Shea’s girl being no longer Megan Fox in this film? In one of those shooting-scenes-videos released in youtube, Shea’s dragging along some skinny blond girl (Rose Huntington-Whiteley) that’s a lot less cool than Megan. Wait, if the this girl in the picture below is Rose Huntington-Whitely, err… she might not necessarily be that un-cool.

Replacement for Megan Fox?

Watch Transformers 3: Dark Of The Moon Video

Watch more Transformers Dark of the Moon videos: As soon I get hold of more videos, I’ll post it here, in addition to the above video.

Note: I must have been long out of the circuit because I only knew about this after I visited Hannah’s flaircandy blog.


  1. My son a very big fan of Transformer. Waiting for the movie to be released. All the previous movies of Transformers were very interesting and worth watching.

    1. Well, in that case, whether we agree or scoff at their theories, we have to admit that their stories (esp. when they get to become movies) are entertaining.

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