Update on This Blogs Return to Life

securing wordpress

I was mildly inspired to begin tinkering again with the inner workings of the blog, including attempting to change the default image in the header. I, however, had to revert back to the default as the replacement image didn’t seem to match the size required. Too bad, I really liked that image which I downloaded from some site offering royalty free images for use commercially or whatever.

Getting old takes a toll on one’s patience, I realized. A decade ago, I would have dived into research mode right away and would have come up with significant changes to the site within a couple of hours.

Now, I do not seem to have the patience to shift through the information which is actually readily available in the net. I know I would not really need a new theme to get the look I desire for this blog. All I need is some elbow grease and the motivation to just do it.

Or, is it really patience I lost? Could just be plain old laziness.

Well, at least I get to do some updates, albeit direction-less, once a week or something. That should count as movement to an otherwise stagnant blog.

Alert!!! What follows is a quick insert of an ad for an amazon product which I wish I could somehow earn a commission from, no matter how little. Should have been some product that is relevant to the post, but heck, I’m reliving my blog and am taking baby steps again.

Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer And Volumizer Hot Air Brush, Black

Same Product

Ok, that was the ad. Moving on…

Just to add a little something to this content, I am embedding below a self-help youtube clip about the cure to laziness. Something I should watch seriously.