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Weight loss is such a hot subject on the internet, and I bet in the real non-virtual world as well, that a lot of weight loss resource websites have been put up to cover the topic: weight loss, diet, exercise, etc. One such website is weightlossfatloss.disastercover.com which covers all pertinent matters about weight loss including weight loss diets .

On my latest visit to the site, it discussed a ‘more effective training method for fat loss and heart health‘ called cyclic training which I’d agree to be a sensible form of training in that this seems to be the pattern that quick and strong animals (and humans) do to survive. And this form dates back to the earliest periods where only the fittest survive. Read the article and you’d agree too that this training form indeed makes sense.

We all know the problems associated with weight loss, but it just seems to be a matter that is easier to read than to act upon. I too have this problem but fortunately not exactly mine but my wife’s. A few years ago, after joking and having a good laugh about some fat lady which just passed by while we where eating in a mall, she asked me what my reaction would be to see her fat. Seeing her, so slim and without a single fat cell in her, I said “Oh, I think you’d look better with some fat on you. It’s ok by me for you to be fat”. Today, I am her pain in the neck who reminds her daily to “start exercising”. Her standard answer would be to start on or enroll in a weight loss regimen ‘next week’. I now understand better how ‘fat people’ feel about this ‘problem’. But I still do not believe them when they say it’s all in the mind, and that as long as they believe they are sexy, they are indeed sexy, even if their bodies speak otherwise. Sorry ladies. I don’t buy that crap.

One of the weapons to solve a problem is to know as much about it as possible. Read up guys. Yeah, you do read up, but never act on it. Well, act on it! To start with, read more about it at weightlossfatloss, particularly about exercise and weight loss diets . The site has lots to offer, including whether it’s actually possible for you to ‘tranform’, whether hoodia works, etc.

Hey Jen (that’s my wife’s name). Come on over here. 🙂


    1. Like they say, we’ll cross the bridge when we get there. Worry about old age when it comes. But right now, let’s live life to the fullest. 🙂

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