What’s Up With MNF?

How long has it been? A month? Two? Seems like it’s been ages since the last time I saw my MNF work. James Jones has been assuring us that his programmer is hard at work trying to cope up with the sudden changes Google has introduced to its search machinery. And he has sent us 3 (3? or 4?) updates since, the latest being version 5.2.6, but not one of them worked. Well, at least this latest version now has the ‘Brainstorm’ and ‘Hot Trends’ links live, which however still unfortunately comes out empty.

MNF is (was?) an excellent product, an amazing tool for bloggers and online entrepreneurs since it came out years ago. I myself was awed when I first used it. Fact is, I was able to put up a few sites based on the results MNF offered to my seed keywords.

Now, I’m wondering if it can ever rise up again after it fell down to earth. You can’t help but be amazed at the power google has in their hands where it can cripple in one instant those products which depend on it for their sustenance.

I’m not sure, but I think Market Samurai also leans on Google heavily as its source of its output. But I can see that things are cool at MS. The app is still running smoothly. MNF? Each time, you are greeted with a message box that says: “An error occurred while retrieving results from Google’s Keyword Tool”.

Of course, after seeing someone complaining about it in MNF’s facebook page, and seeing James Jones’ reply, I have kept my silence for as long as I can. After all, I also understand how things are going with James’ programmer. I have worked as a programmer sometime ago and I know how it feels to be pressured to come up with a solution to some program glitch or something. With an app like MNF, with thousands of users waiting, I would want to ask the programmer “When was the last time you had a sleep?”.

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UPDATE: My Micro Niche Finder is working again! Yuhoo! Please see my post ‘Enjoying MNF Again‘ to see how I got it to work again.


  1. It’s always risky when your entire product hinges on someone else’s platform. It happens a lot, and when it causes compatibility problems you are left scrambling to try and adapt. I feel for him, and hope he’s able to make it work again.

    1. I checked it just now. It still isn’t working, I’m beginning to get pissed off. Still, I emphatize and I think I’ll hold it up for another week. 🙂

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