Why Your Cable Internet Connection Might not be Cable Internet

The internet is now a different world of its own, and the rate at which people flock to the internet every day is stunning. Our reasons for using the internet vary, and while some people rely on the internet for jobs and business opportunities, some people use it for entertainment purposes, and some people only use it for academic purposes. It doesn’t matter what your purpose for using the internet is, the speed you get will to a great extent affect your online activities.

There are over a thousand different kinds of broadband internet today, and there are hundreds of thousands of ISPs from all over the world. The cable internet is currently one of the most popular forms of residential internet access, and it is only used in developed countries. The problem, however, is that a lot of people are getting sub-par speeds from their so called cable internet, and are wondering why it is so.

Is your internet connection a cable internet or not? This article will be giving you some tips.

It Provides Poor Speed

The number one sign that shows that a cable internet connection isn’t a cable internet is when it is delivering extremely slow speeds, so you should make sure you check your cable internet connection for this. A standard business cable internet connection is capable of providing internet download speeds of up to 400mbps while a standard residential cable internet connection is capable of providing up to 100mbps of download speed on a fixed spot. Mind you, I’m not trying to say you’ll be getting such speeds with your cable internet connection, but you should at least be able to get download speeds of up to 20mbps.

If you want to know what your internet speed is you can check your speed test by using BandwidthPlace.com.

It is Always Disconnecting

Another red alert you should watch out for is your internet connection disconnecting. It doesn’t matter who your ISP is or how fast or slow your internet connection is; a cable internet service doesn’t disconnect. If you notice that your cable internet connection is disconnecting at every opportunity then you need to check it out.

Another name for the cable internet is “always on”, which means you don’t have to connect or disconnect – so if you notice your internet connection to be disconnecting every time then it isn’t the cable internet.

It Doesn’t Use a Cable Modem

The final thing you should watch out for to ensure you’re using a real cable internet is the modem you use. A standard cable internet will be hooked to a cable modem or to your cable TV, so if you’re given a mobile broadband dongle and you’re told you’re using a cable internet then you’ve been lied to.

Only the right cable modem will be able to provide you with the speeds you need, so make sure you are using the right modem. To ensure even better results, you might want to use the internet to research your modem and how effective it is.

This guest article is written by Paul, at expert that helps you choose the right cable internet.[/tip]