Wired FM Modulator

: Hardwire FM Modulator vs. Wireless FM Modulator

Just thought of sharing something that got me interested in at the moment. A wired fm modulator gives you crystal clear sound and no hissing noise that usually comes with wireless fm modulators.

Wired FM Video: Wired FM Modulator Install

(Above is a video of someone showing off his wired fm modulator).

And with this, you can leave all your CDs at home. Instead, you bring an SD card with you in the car and enjoy even more songs than your CD collection.

FM Modulator Tutorial

Here, you can find several choices of Available Wired FM Modulators.

Audiovox FM100A FM Modulator with IST2 Isolation Transformer (Grey)
“Best FM Modulator I’ve Ever Used”
“Forget about other FM modulators, this one wins them all.”
“the best modulator on the market”
“Exceeded Expectation”
“Tried a few, but this one is best”
wired fm modulator | PYLE 110 Channel Wired FM Modulator with Digital Display
PYLE PLMD9 110 Channel Wired FM Modulator with Digital Display
This 2-channel wired FM modulator is perfect for those with vehicles with aftermarket DVD players installed who want the sound to play over their built in speakers, or hook up an MP3 player. Just simply connect the audio out of your DVD or MP3 player to the RCA jacks, then wire into your antenna. Works at 87.5 – 98.5 MHz for 110 possible frequencies! Comes with 4 mounting tabs for easy installation.


    1. Well, since it’s essentially an add-on hardware to an already existing equipment, it’ll cost some. The first video said something about buying from ebay for $17.50.

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