WordPress 3.5 Removes Video Embeds and HTML Tags On Scheduled Posts

em {color: green}

It happened with a couple of posts I published after updating to WordPress 3.5. When posts are scheduled, wordpress strips the Youtube embeds and html tags.

In my “Chords and Lyrics: Look How High We Can Fly” post for instance, the preview worked fine and so I scheduled it for release the next day. Lo, and behold, the youtube video I embedded was not there. And my style tags were gone too, such that the text between those tags were reflected on the blog post itself. I sometimes insert some additional style tags on specific posts because, in this case, I had to make all the guitar chords italic and red.

When this happens, I had to get back and edit the posts. Everything’s fine as long as you publish a post immediately, or you just edit an existing published post.

I did a quick test on my localhost server to make sure and indeed, the videos are gone. Div tags don’t seem to be affected, as well as other basic tags like ‘strong’ and ’em’. Style tags however, as I’ve said earlier, are stripped off leaving the text between them visible, e.g. p {color: red;}.

I’m pretty sure it’s not a theme issue as I’ve also heard a few other webmasters complaining about the same thing.

And one more thing, under the revisions section, there is one in there which does not reflect an author, as in

7 January, 2013 @ 23:30 by admin
6 January, 2013 @ 0:24 by
6 January, 2013 @ 0:08 by admin

What gives?

Have the geniuses at the wordpress camp known about this issue? Will this issue be resolved in the next update? I sure hope so.

Note: If you see this at the start of the post:

em {color: green}

and if you don’t see the video above this note, then, as this post was scheduled, the issue is still unresolved.


  1. What a pain. I noticed in my last post that some of the info was stripped from it. In my case the links were removed from some but not all of the images. What’s with that. I’d fix one image and tested it and then noticed another image was missing the link. Damn! Took me ages to fix it.

    Hope the issue is fixed with the update.
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  2. I haven’t noticed any of these issues myself James. I also haven’t embedded a video in a post in awhile too but all of my videos are there and I schedule all my posts ahead of time.

    If this is a recent issue I sure hope WordPress fixes this soon.

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    1. WP 3.5.1 is here and it says it fixed the above mentioned problems, so I updated. Hope nothing worse will come out soon after.

  3. Thanks for the heads up on ANOTHER bug in WP 3.5 and the new “improved” (NOT) image handling. Note that now it takes multiple clicks just to upload an image and when it inserts it into a post it deletes the Title. You have to click on the image and put it back in again (or remember to not type it in until after you insert it and then another click to put it back in again).

    Every click is lost time – and I’m willing to bet that almost no bloggers who updated to 3.5 even know the titles are missing from their images. How many actually check them AFTER they know they typed them in?

    WP 3.5 refused to run on GrowMap so thankfully Bryan Hollis backed it off. There is will stay. Another gripe I have with Automattic is that @AskKim says the reason everyone should rush to upgrade to the latest version is that they publish the vulnerabilities so that those who don’t are at greater risk of being hacked.

    I can think of absolutely no reason why – other than to force us to upgrade to a new probably unstable version too early – for exposing WP bloggers to more risk. Why EVER publish past vulnerabilities?

    Since hackers are constantly hitting GrowMap we run WordPress firewall anyway and Bryan stays on top of the error logs and blocks them. I would recommend staying at 3.4 and running the firewall. You need it anyway. So far it hasn’t been cracked since we started running it.
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    1. OMG, I should’ve read the pending comments before upgrading to 3.5.1. Anyway, they say it fixed the problems I enumerated above, so I thought it should be cool to upgrade immediately. But if there’s a way I could go back to 3.4, I’d definitely do it.

      I have WordPress Firewall working to keep the hackers off, too. I’ve been hacked once, and I don’t want a repeat.

      Thanks Gail for taking the time to comment. 🙂

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