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slideshow codes removed 12/23/2011

After a suggestion was made to revamp the design of my boss’ company website to which the boss agreed, I immediately googled out for some inspiring website designs that would be both functional and pleasing to the eyes. One employee showed me some website designs she liked. Most involved a lot of animated images, most probably embedded flash elements. And all of them have black backgrounds. Having earlier known some of my boss’ likes and dislikes, I am not sure if he would agree to these suggested designs. Just the same, it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try.

Since there seems to be a focused attention on animated elements, based on the suggestions, I fear I may have to research on the area of embedding flash files in a wordpress web site. But before embarking on that mission, I had this idea of trying out the available wordpress slideshow plugins first. A slideshow of course is not as flashy and flexible as the real flash apps, but these just might work in place of embedding flash files. I discovered this plugin called the superb-slideshow plugin which can output a slideshow of images plus the following major features:

  • Automatically pause the slide show on hover.
  • Insert a line of text at the bottom portion.
  • Insert link code so that the whole slideshow box is a link for each particular image.
  • Multiple slideshows.

WordPress Slideshow Plugin Test

I tested the wordpress slideshow plugin and it does work. Gopi, the plugin’s author promptly responded to some questions I threw at him and helped me with the effects I wanted to output. I have yet to see of course the implementation, if it could be done and if he has the time to work on it, of some of my suggestions like the following:

  • Option to choose to have the current black background of the text into ‘transparent’.
  • Option to choose the vertical location of the text. e.g. middle, or top.

All in all, I think the plugin is pretty good. In the sample slideshow above, I choose not to use text since the black background bar tends to ruin the irregular shape effect.

You can download this wordpress slideshow plugin at the wordpress site, or you can visit the author’s homepage: Gopi’s Homepage.

(Note: The last time I updated this wordpress slideshow plugin, all the newly created files (xml and images) within the slideshow directory were deleted. The plugin author, Gopi, may have to re-do some coding in order to address this issue. So, in the meantime, should you decide to use this plugin, be sure to backup your xml and image files under the slideshow directory especially prior to updating to a newer version of the plugin.)

Update: As of version 4.0, the coder of this plugin still hasn’t addressed the issue of the deleted images and xml files. As soon as I updated, the images and xml files I created were gone, and a slew of error messages got displayed in this post. What I did is to create a folder of my images outside the plugin’s folder. This way, it won’t get deleted on update. As for the xml file, I got no choice but to backup before an update.

Update: 12/23/2011. By some careless lapse, I accidentally updated the plugin. Like before, the slideshow again messed itself up. Like before Gopi the plugin’s author have updated his plugin but never addressed the complaint of many users about his inability to correct a glaring error in his code design. All created xml are wiped out on each update. Since, the update I made was accidental, I was not able to back up my xml file. Darn.

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  1. Hi James,
    This plugin is quite cool although considering not just the aesthetic value it can bring, I’m much more concerned on its effect to page loading time.

    1. Hi Math, as far as the sample slideshow I made above is concerned, the loading time does not seem to be an issue. I have yet to check though what effect on the loading time will be if I add a considerable number of slides or images on the slideshow set. Yeah, this wordpress slideshow plugin is indeed cool.

    1. @Ricky: Gopi, its author (from India) is one talented programmer. I kinda like his work. As for load time, it depends on how large your images are and how many there are in the slideshow set. Obviously, load time is not that much of an issue because with this wordpress slideshow plugin, you can have more than one slideshow in the same page. If you check out Gopi’s home page, you’ll see around six slideshows in that same page and they all work nicely without any noticeable decrease in performance.

  2. I can see where this may have some use, especially if you wanted to use it to promote different affiliates. That is if I’m correct in assuming that you can have a url attached to each image?

    1. Yes Sire, the url is attached to the whole particular image, not on its text. The creator of this wordpress slideshow plugin it seems has already anticipated that.

    1. @Nathaniel: Due to my fear of contracting a headache in learning flash, I frantically searched for an alternative and thus found this wordpress slideshow plugin. 🙂 It’s not as flexible as flash, but I think it’s good enough for most blogging purposes.

  3. Hi, I’ve downloaded and installed this plugin but the background is still black. I’v make some search in the differents files but i don’t find the way… Can you explain to me what is the tip?
    Thank you.

    Note : Sorry for my english i’m from France.

    1. @Alex: Hi, Alex, you may have to give me the url for your slideshow so I can check what may have gone wrong.

  4. NOTE: Right after updating the plugin to a newer version, it stopped working and instead produced a few mad error messages. I’m contacting the author.

    The Update action deleted the xml files and images I’ve previously created for this slideshow. Must be some code glitch.

    1. Cool! There’s probably a lot of other great slideshow plugins out there, but for my purposes, this one seems perfect enough. 🙂

  5. Hey I was wondering if you knew how to use this in the template multiple times.. Say I have two groups of “sponsors” and want to use this for each of them.. separate images in each slideshow. What is the code to use to display another slideshow other than the default one? Any help is greatly appreciated!


    1. Nick, you need to create another xml file for your other slideshow. The default xml file is the ‘superb-slideshow.xml’. Now create another file, say ‘nick-show1.xml’ based on that default file. You can put your other images on the same folder as the default. In your code, point it to nick-show1.xml.

      1. Thanks for the quick response! When you say “in your code” do you mean as in the snippet of code I put in the template?

        if (function_exists (sswld_show)) sswld_show();

        And if so how would I point to it? Sorry I have some knowledge of PHP but it’s not the best.

        1. I only have a surface knowledge of PHP Nick. If you visited Gopi’s page, you’ll find that I asked him a lot of questions there. 🙂

          The code you used, if I’m not mistaken is designed for templates. Unfortunately, I haven’t tried that code out because I only used the code that is supposed to be used for pages and posts. Thus, the code for the above slideshow goes like:


          Thus, if I want to have another slideshow in the same post, I’d just prepare another set of images and create another xml file say, filenameofxml2.xml and type the above code again where I want the other slideshow to appear, replacing filenameofxml.xml with filenameofxml2.xml and adjusting the width and height values accordingly.

          I’ll probably explore the installation of multiple slideshows in a template some time. However, if you find the solution to your issue, I’d appreciate if you write about it here too. Thanks Nick.

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