ZoneAlarm Deemed AVG’s avgcorex.dll a High-Risk Virus

ZoneAlarm just deleted AVG’s avgcorex.dll in my laptop after it deemed it as a high risk virus.

avgcorexdll.exe a virus?

I don’t know how ZoneAlarm turned itself on today. I’ve had both ZoneAlarm and AVG working in my notebook without a hitch for a couple of years. All of AVG’s features are on after I availed recently of its trial AVG 2012 Internet Security. ZoneAlarm on the other had all features except its Antivirus turned on as I don’t want AVG and ZA antivirus clashing with its each other. And everything went well until today.

zone alarm antivirus

I must have accidently clicked on ZA’s’Fix Now’ button thus turning on its Antivirus feature, as after turning on my notebook, ZoneAlarm screamed about a high risk virus found in the AVG2012 directory. It says my computer has a ‘HEUR:Virus.wIN32.Generic‘ infection and that avgcorex.dll is the culprit. Then it proceeded to treat it off. Aferwards, my AVG icon added an exclamation mark on its face with a warning that says’You are not protected!’. Then, as if that was not enough, all my shortcuts don’t work, until finally, windows crashed and re-started itself.


On the AVG interface, the Antivirus icon is red and there’s a ‘VDB check has failed’ notice underneath it. Funny thing is that when I clicked the ‘New scheduled task’ link, AVG was scanning normally like nothing happened. AFter it completed the scanning, it flashed the check sign and the ‘Scan finished’ note. I think VDB stands for Virus Database.

Now, as I have yet to find out how to fix AVG’s antivirus feature, I’m stuck with ZA’s. Besides, this full AVG version will expire in 8 days time. So, I think I’ll sit it out till then and see what comes up next. It’s kind of weird though to be relying on a new antivirus after having been used to an old one that I have learned to trust.

This is what I get for using 2 different softwares that do the same thing. They ultimately will clash (like the way ZA sees avgcorex.dll as a virus, and who knows what else) and I’d be in the middle of it all.

Other new discoveries by ZA:

  • footer.php of WP’s Androida theme has Trojan.PHP.Pakes.e virus. If I remember right, the footer contains some base64 encrypted text which when decryted only contains the footer links for the androida author’s site.



  1. had a similar problem.

    To fix this Download the AVG installer from CNET/ when you run the install there is an option to fix your installation. It will download the missing dependencies from avg and ask for a reboot.
    when that’s done your problem is fixed – that is until ZA runs a system scan!- best to disable one of the anti-virus packages.

  2. Just happened to me too when I didn’t think ZA’s anti-virus was switched on. I too can’t get AVG to fix itself and did a quick update that didn’t do it.

    In addition to the things you mention, when it did the restart I got numerous errors about cryptbase.dll and something about an image error. Windows doesn’t seem to be suffering for this, so I’m not going to worry too much at this stage.

    It has been raised with AVG and ZA but the reply they both give is that you shouldn’t be running two anti-virus applications, which I didn’t think I was doing.

    As it seems to be ZA acting poorly in this regard if it comes down to it I’ll have to uninstall it completely, as I’m not rewarding dickery. A note to ZA: play nice with others.

    1. The fix I used was going to the antivirus section and there was a link in the right column to quarantined files. I opened that up, restored the AVG file and disabled the entire antivirus section through the on/off switch there is top right. Everything seems to have returned to normal.

      1. Thanks Emperor.

        I was just about to give up and uninstall AVG when I found this ‘Downgrade’ button that means going back to the free version. I tried it, and lo, everything just lined up and AVG’s back.

  3. I am using AVG but not aware of this type of virus.Thank you admin to give a nice information about this type of serious virus. / suhail . tufail . 9

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